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About me

A professional wordsmith (translator, editor and writer) for over a decade and a futurist at heart, my own creative writing — both fiction and non-fiction — explores technology, language, and human evolution with both curiosity and optimism. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I spent 24 years living in northern Italy before returning to the States. I am currently working on my first full-length, science-fiction novel based on my short stories set in the “Autonomy” universe.

My services

In today’s world, virtually all that you publish may be seen by people in different countries and from different cultures and backgrounds, so it’s important that your content demonstrate an awareness of this cultural diversity. As a translator (Italian to English), editor and writer, I have the international experience and cross-market skills needed to tell your company’s story to the world effectively and in a manner that takes the perspective of this diverse audience into account.

As a professional translator, editor and writer, I work in a range of industries and fields, and in particular:

Technology, Energy, and Life Sciences;

Sustainability, Financial Reporting, Corporate Content, and Marketing

Examples of my work

You can find a sampling of some corporate content work I have done, along with my CV, at my Journo Portfolio here. In addition, provided below is a selection of some of my own stories — including essays, short stories, and translations (from Italian) of the stories of others — that have been published here on Medium.

Tech and Trends

My own non-fiction writing primarily focuses on technology and its impact on society.


The following are a few of the stories, fiction and non-fiction, that I have translated from Italian for publication here on Medium:

A cross-market storysmith — Italian-to-English translator, writer, editor — and...