A cross-market storysmith — Italian-to-English translator, writer, editor — and... https://iam.simplygrey.me

A look into the life of a multilingual-content creator in the not-so-distant future

Simon was coaxed awake at five a.m. as his bedroom lighting imitated a sunrise and the sound of birds chirping was pumped into the room by his home audio system. As he opened his eyes, the chirping faded slightly, and a female voice said, “Good morning, Simon. I see you…

Hey, Siri. Get me a car, please,” Geoff subvocalized as he dashed from the hotel lobby.

This human is in a hurry. A car? Based on his current heading, he expects the first transport in the row to be made available to him. Accessing vehicle. Opening right-side door now. …

I’m no expert in politics. I’d never even been especially politically engaged until fairly recently. What I very much am, though, is someone who would like to continue to live in a (small “d”) democratic America.


I come from a fairly conservative upbringing. I went to an American Baptist church for much of my childhood. I went to Catholic schools from third grade through to my sophomore year in high school. Until moving to Italy after finishing college, I pretty much always lived in what we…

Traduzioni dall’italiano verso l’inglese, servizi di scrittura e revisione

Chi sono

Un traduttore e revisore libero professionista da ormai due decenni e appassionato di tecnologia e tutto quello che riguarda il nostro futuro possibile, scrivo narrativa e saggistica che esplorano argomenti dalla tecnologia alla comunicazione e fino all’evoluzione della società, tutto con uno spirito di ottimismo. Dopo la laurea conseguita nella…

The Agno River, Valdagno, in the province of Vicenza, Italy

Sounds simple, but, damn, it’s been hard to do lately

I really like this metaphor, which comes from the Zen proverb, “Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.” …

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

A thought experiment

Immortality is something I think about quite a lot, either for my science-fiction writing or just because I’m getting to that age at which one starts to think a lot more about one’s own mortality. And when pondering immortality, a couple of questions naturally spring to mind right away: Will…

Image source: Todd Cravens | Unsplash

An “Autonomy” short story

“Damn! There it is again!” Sara elbowed her boyfriend and pointed to the wall of a corner restaurant as the pair walked down the steps of the Rialto bridge. “Hey, Giangi, what ad are you seeing on that wall over there?”

“Huh? Where?” Gianluigi shook his head for a second…

Grey Drane

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